Net value of Hamoon Saba assets

A net comparison of asset value and stock prices can be considered as an important indicator for examining stock status. Examining the assets under the management of Hamoon Saba Investment Company and the company's fully stock portfolio is an important ratio in examining the status of this company. In the graph, the intrinsic or net intrinsic value of assets (NAV) is compared with the market price of this share in different time periods. Comparisons of these data show the appropriate percentage of P / NAV of this company since its initial public offering.

Advantages of Hamoon Saba Investment Company

Hamoon Saba Investment Company (Public Joint Stock Company) with long-term plans to optimize the organizational structure and investment strategy in financial markets, especially the stock market, intends to score the maximum profit for its shareholders.
Benefit from specialized manpower with a low average age
Productivity and agility of the company due to having an organizational structure with minimal manpower
High competitiveness of the company in the industry due to the selection of privileged industries by the company's managers
The company has a relatively flexible and highly liquid investment portfolio

Hamoon Saba Investment Company at a glance

Hamoon Saba Financial Group is one of the holdings of Saba Tamin Group, a country that has been established due to the huge volume of the fund's turnover and the need to finance the companies of this group.
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Investment areas of Hamoon Saba Investment Company

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