Oil and Gas and Petrochemicals

Among the various groups and industries present in the capital market, refineries have a special place and importance for the actors. This group is ranked third among the stock exchange industries with 9% of the market value. This group is also known in the capital market as the refinery and runner group. The active companies of this group consist of Isfahan (Shepna), Tehran (Shatran), Bandar Abbas (Shebander), Tabriz (Shabriz), Behran (Shabran), Pars (Shenft), Lavan (Shavan), Sepahan (Shespa), Shiraz oil refineries. (Shiraz), Pasargad (Shepas), Iranol Oil (Chanel). The price of crude oil is the main driver of the price of refined products. The price gap or gross profit margin is a widely used word in the oil refining and petroleum products industry, which refers to the price gap between a barrel of a refinery product and a barrel of crude oil received by refineries. One of the important issues of the refining industry around the world is the sensitivity of the industry's profits to fluctuating or increasing fluctuations in crude oil prices and changing the crack spread of various refining products, which, contrary to popular belief, does not necessarily change oil prices quickly. However, after the establishment of relative calm and stability in the oil market, crack spreads, following their historical trend, adjust their distance to the price of crude oil. The highest price gap among petroleum products is related to gasoline and the lowest is related to fuel oil.