Multi-industrial disciplines

The largest stock exchange industry in the Iranian capital market in terms of total market value and number of accepted companies is the chemical products group. There are a total of 87 companies in the industry, which is equivalent to 19% of the total value of the capital market. The largest industry in terms of currency and also one of the most important industries in terms of job creation in the country is the chemical products industry. In addition to meeting domestic needs, many products of this group are also exported to different countries of the world. The main companies in this group are petrochemicals, petrochemical holdings, health industries, detergents and paint manufacturers. Maroon Petrochemical (Maroon), Pars Petrochemical (Pars), Jam Petrochemical (Jam), Zagros Petrochemical (Zagros) and Pardis Petrochemical (Shepdis) are the most important and largest petrochemicals in the country. Since the variety of products in this group is very high, the factors affecting the profitability of companies in this group can also be different. Among petrochemicals, rising global prices such as methanol and urea and other products, as well as rising exchange rates, will be the most important drivers of profitability growth. On the other hand, rising feed gas prices as a raw material for the petrochemical industry can be a threat to the industry's profitability.