Extraction of metal ores

The metal ore mining industry with 7.22% of the market value is one of the largest industries in the capital market and therefore has the fifth place among stock exchange industries. This group consists of 11 companies, most of which are large companies in the field of mining. Golgohar Mining and Industrial (Kegel) and Chadormelo (Kachad) Mining and Industrial, which are known as the Iron Ore Twins, together with the Gohar Zamin Iron Ore Company (Gohar), which is listed on the OTC market, together account for more than 68% of the value of this industry. Have allocated themselves. In this group, two large investment holdings, namely the development of mines and metals (and mines) and Sadr Tamin Investment, are present with a total value of about 147 thousand billion Tomans. Other companies present in this industry are: Sabanvar Mining and Industrial Development (Konvar) and Iran Zinc Mines Development (Karvi), Bama Company (Kama), Bafgh Mines (Kabafq) and Izan Manganese Mines (Kamengner).
Perhaps the main focus in this group is the global price of export products, ie iron ore. In the case of investment companies, too, examining their investment portfolio can be of great help to investors. In general, this group is highly regarded as a complement to the basic metals industry and as one of the most important industries in the country.