Banking, Foreign Exchange, Insurance Services

One of the largest and most important industries in the Iranian stock market is the industry of banks and credit institutions. The main and determining factor in this group is the interest rate and its changes. Changes in bank interest rates, as well as the amount of bank deposits and, on the other hand, the status of their facilities and repayments, are among the most important factors influencing the profitability of banks and credit institutions. The extent of relations with other countries, as well as playing a role in economic relations with foreign countries, currency purity and revaluation of assets can at times have a significant impact on the stock price of this group. Also, regular presentation of financial statements and improvement of financial ratios can indicate the favorable situation of banks in the future.
At present, this industry has about 478 thousand billion tomans, equivalent to about 5.6% of the total value of the capital market. Bank Mellat (WebMelt) is the largest stock exchange bank in the country with about 135 thousand billion Tomans. Pasargad Bank (Vapasar) with about 99 thousand billion Tomans, Bank Saderat (WebSadar) with about 86 thousand billion Tomans, Tejarat Bank (Vatjarat) and Parsian Bank (Vapars) with 67 thousand billion Tomans each from other large banks with relatively favorable performance Are present in the stock market.