History of the Company

Hamoon Saba Investment Company (Public Joint Stock Company) was established on 07/05/2005 as a public joint stock company and has been registered in the Companies Registration Office under number 256038 dated 07/05/2005. This company was purchased by Saba Tamin Holding on 11/08/2008. At present, Sabatamin Investment Company (Public Joint Stock Company) is the major shareholder of Hamoon Saba Investment Company (Public Joint Stock Company) and according to the minutes of the Extraordinary General Assembly dated 07/21/2016 and the license No. 76011/1399 dated 09/30/1399 Exchange and Securities Organization The name of the company was changed to Hamoon Saba Investment and the relevant article was amended in the articles of association.


The main activity of Hamoon Saba Investment Company is focused on buying and selling financial assets. To select the industry, the company’s view is up and down, which means that first the whole economy is examined and then according to the studies, high-yield industries are selected.

After that, by examining the companies of each industry, based on the analysis of financial statements (retrospectively) and estimating the profits of the coming years, taking into account the forecasts and expert estimates of all the factors affecting the financial performance of the target companies (future). ) And the companies to be selected for investment are selected.

The company tries to invest in industries that have a competitive advantage in the country. The company’s investments have been made to increase returns and reduce risk, to participate in high-yield industries and ultimately to increase the interests of shareholders. Are chemical products.